Blogging Service

          Great blogging service could draw any number of viewers and has the power to transfer them to customers. Through writing, you can make them understand very clearly. The readers could sense a personal feel while reading your scripts.

          And the best way to express your writing skill which also helps in marketing is Blogging SEO. Blogging engages in making you connect with the world. People always have the craze for hearing stories. You can create your own story with twists and turns which will motivate the readers to go further on. It can be added to your blog which results in more trust and engagement. Blog writing is not optional for business anymore. Nearly 60% of B2B marketers get more leads through our service.

          Blog creation is a trendy factor that increases traffic for your website. Nowadays 8 out of 10 business persons own a website. But what makes you rank 1st in search engines is the trendy ways that you put into practice. Blogging SEO is one of those. Through blogging, your site will become more informative and many related links will be connected with your website.

          A blog feeds the hunger for information of your customer. Through blog creation, you can convert your subject matter to an expertise comment. Blogging SEO offers a special offer that advertising doesn’t. It engages you to have a continued relationship with your readers. Another positive note while blog writing is that the customers come in search of you in case if they like your blog, you need not run behind them.

          Only in SwotBusiness, you don’t spend instead we make a way for you to earn too. Right starting from content writing till publishing it, we take charge of it. Our Blog creation service helps to get all your Blogging needs. Contact us anytime to know our services.

What can a Good Blog do?

          Recent research proves that, more often we update blogs, the more traffic our clients get. Through Blogging SEO, B2B companies can generate 67% more leads than the traditional method of advertising through the brochure and in newspapers. Good blog content should be creative and original which will convince people that you are the best.

          It makes the viewers or the customers feel that you are an expert in what you do which results in gaining trust. Others believe that you are up-to-date with the techniques and strategies which pave way for higher sales. The topic should induce curiosity to go through your blog writing and it should have high-quality content.

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blogging service
blogging service

          Many do have the opinion that a great blog helps you in increasing your revenue. If you are a blogger personally you can aim it as such. But when you do blog creation for business its aim is entirely different. A good blog should get the right kind of traffic, that is people not only visiting your website rather being ready to spend for it. It should drive conversions/ sales. A good blog should not be stuffed with keywords which reduces the essence of it. Instead, it should be tips, questions and exercises, videos and infographics, quotes, and how-to-dos. People would love to visit your site more often only when they feel that your blogs are engaging and useful.

If you think GOOD BLOG is "expensive",
You should look at the cost of BAD BLOG.

blogging service

Bigger Keywords

This is the smartest way of gaining conversions for your website. Many blogging services tell about keywords but the bigger companies will dominate the small companies when searched through those keywords. And for that case, we are introducing bigger keywords related to your industry. So that your webpage gets on first when searched through customers. Our aim is not only to gain traffic but also to choose the right ones. We enrich your blog with new and high-quality content.

Visual Content Creation

We can give you appealing images with catchy content in it. Even after you know the comfort of having blogs. Do you feel hesitant to write one? Or wanting a Good Blogging service?

blog writing

Reasons to choose us​

  • We understand that you would get the basic and foremost question why us? When there are millions of companies out there, why should you decide to choose us? The answer to it is very simple. We trust our standard and believe that it will help in the betterment of your business.

  • To be a part of your company we work with your company to know what you want and what is your company’s identity and your strength. We figure out the pain points of the customers and try to rectify it.

  • We use your own brand’s voice and style to create your blog.

  • You are assured of better rankings because our blogging service will provide you with contended content.

  • We don’t just do blog creation for you instead, we make you draw money out of it.

  • We provide you with high-quality and fresh content. We are capable of providing you with researched and professional content for you.

  • Our blog will be relevant to the topic which most marketers lack.

  • We do focus on keywords but don’t stuff that.

  • Regarding the cost for it, we don’t make you fake promises. The cost will be based on the standard and the conversion rate it consumes.

  • We do take pride in what we do because we are happy to build your business

Blogging process

  • Before ever we start to write, we plan for a strategy. We make notes on blogging objectives, preferred blogging platforms, and so on.
  • After this, we provide you with a unique title through which the readers will get curious to read your blog.
  • Then we proceed with detailed research and content writing.
  • Proof-reading is done at various times and only after approval from the client the blog will be published.
  • We also have the facility to publish your blog on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and also through Emails.
  • We will schedule a time and date for your blogs to be posted based on your convenience and we don’t miss that.
  • Customers would definitely love to know about your services and all the possible information that we provide through blogs.
  • The only work that you do is to sit back and watch your company grow.

Our Strength

  • We hire professional blog writers who do follow a standardized format that is attractive to the readers. They are well-versed in the tactics that they use.
  • We keep the personal information of the owner to be very transparent since it creates trust in us.
  • Of course, we do use blogs for promotional reasons but that doesn’t affect the essence of originality.
  • Anything and everything can’t be added to the description of our website. So, that is why we create lead-generating blogs which will be very detailed.
  • We don’t assure you with the number of blogs that we post but through the quality of those blogs. And that’s why the search visibility of that website gets high.
  • We try to figure out all the queries that the customers would have beforehand to leave them puzzled with clarity.
  • We do add keywords in your blog post URL. We use tools like Buzzsumo or Google to do your SEO research.
  • Even if you take rest from your company, your blog doesn’t. It keeps promoting for what you’re doing 24/7.
  • We are ready to serve you at any price. But we wait for you to become ready to choose us.
  • Contact us for free to know our packages and services.
  • You will be happy with your selection.