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How to make your video count?

          You might have forgotten the quotes that you read even if it had touched your heart but what about the videos that you saw long back? Are you able to remember it? I can see the wonder in your eyes and a questioning expression on your face thinking how come you remember videos and why not quotes? It’s quite simple! Humans have the tendency to acquire more deeply what they focus on and see. And that’s why came the existence of Video Advertising.

          Advertisements are something that you can’t escape from. When you switch on your mobile, it's there, wanna watch TV shows, you will find it there, browsing the internet you will find some ads there. When an ad has become a part of our life why not do it with an attractive video ad.

   Earlier YouTube was the only site where you will find videos but now in 2020, you will find different video platforms for promotional and entertainment purposes. If videos have so much effect on humans why not use them as a strategy to market what you do?

Reach Your Target Audience Through Video Advertising!!!

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Video Advertising

                    Video Advertising’s main focus is to promote your content. It is usually played before or during the streaming content. More than reading content, understanding what it is through video advertising is quite easier. It is long-lasting not only on the internet but also in the viewer’s heart.

                    Video Advertising becomes a successful one because it goes with the trend. The number of mobile users has increased to a greater extent and the ads can reach all corners of the world. When it is Video Advertising, Animation is also included in it. No matter how old you become when you see an attractive cartoon your eyes are awestruck. It creates a magical feel for the viewers.

                    People may ignore text and banner ads but definitely not videos. The amount that one should invest in Video Advertising is based on the financial goals that one needs. It is not us who tell Video Advertising is the best form of marketing. Instead, Analytics proves the increased sales rate due to Video Advertising.

                    Video Advertising is excellent for giving information and instructions very clearly. You demand only a shorter time from your audience and give an impact regarding what you offer. If your video is appealing then you need not do anything it gets shared automatically.

Types of Video Advertising

                    There are a variety of methods through which you can promote your ads. One among them is In-stream ads which play before, during, or after the main video. We keep it more encouraging for a viewer to click your link.Another type is non-linear ads that are placed outside the main video. One can skip this ad if not willing to view it.

                    Making your video ads to be played inside a game is a rewarded ad. If a viewer is watching that ad then they will get extra life or coin. Nowadays shoppable ads are used highly which deals with our daily activities. We also have the service of digital ads. It is a paid one and appears in a particular space on a website and social media network.

You-tube Ads

                    There are three kinds of Youtube ads known as primarily, True view, and Pre-role. You can use videos either as skippable or non-skippable
video advertising

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  • Video ads will attract the user’s attention and so brand awareness goes high.
  • Using user-generated content and videos rules the digital world.
  • One main advantage is there is no rule book for your video creation. Anything and everything that you make is correct. The only thing is to note the standard of the video.
  • If your video is perfect with music, picture clarity, and content it is shared and liked by so many. So naturally, your brand is being shared and remembered.
  • Video Advertising allows you to increase interest in a short period of time.
  • Before ever starting to create an ad make sure you decide on which platform you’re about to post. For example Google Ads, Facebook, and Insta ads, Hulu, etc.
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Why us

  • The main advantage is that your customers are wanting more videos to watch and we provide it in a sense of promotion. The more the video ads the more sales you get.

  • You may question the hesitance of people who skip ads for watching their desired content. And that is why we are here for you. We make short and quality content videos so that it will become people’s favorite.

  • We give you advanced solutions like outbrain smartcards, scroll to watch, and click to watch ads to make it more convenient to watch.

  • We try to get or capture the attention of the viewers within 22 secs.

  • We make your video rank first in Google using keywords as content.

  • As soon as your video is created we edit it by giving a headline, text description, and call-to-action facilities.

  • We can make your video reach everyone’s hands by making it fit for mobile devices.

  • We give you reports by reviewing your video and you can come to know your reach by analyzing the insights.

  • We are best at editing your video with valuable and relevant content.

  • The process of marketing your video through digital platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Youtube, and Vimeo is taken care of.

  • Even the videos that are taken through the phone can be altered, edited, and posted on various platforms.

  • We also provide Facebook in-stream ads on mobile devices for brand awareness, reach, and engagement.

  • If you are willing to invest in Video Advertising. You can knock out to us at any time or send us a message for a free consultation.

Basic VideoPremium Video
Up to 10 sec Up to 30 sec
Transcription Custom Brand Colors and Logo
1080p Video Resolution Reporting and Insights
Rs 1500 /- Per Video Rs 3000 /- Per Video